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ADD` links { openware, freeware, v.libraries , futureware} 6.10.18


. the only fully open platform is the one you are capable of affording
and adapting to your own designs;
hence you might practically find Linux is less open than Mac OS X,
or if cots-based software is your preferred means of adapting (cots = commercial off-the-shelf)
then you might feel that pc's are the best place for openware
. on the other hand,
with a fine programming language like Python being available practically everywhere
-- Linux, Macs, pc's, .NET, and java --
an openware programmer can make a significant -- and portable -- contribution
without concern for the choice of platform .

. the definition of openware as used on this page
is software that is not only cost-free
but that also provides cost-free access to the source code
. it can be written in any language for which there is
an openware compiler written in C
but nearly all the source code I have
is written in either Pascal, LisP, C, Python, or adda

. if you have a suggestion on how you would like to see any software improved or created,
please check out my ideas and send me an email .

{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

word editors for text, html, out-lining, and programming

mozilla`seamonkey is an easy html editor

. seamonkey (sea as in search engine, monkey as in editor)
is the next generation of mozilla, and includes the same composer:
just right-click on your html file and choose edit;
and then if you can remember to save often,
this is great, free way to organize your documents
since hyperlinks can be a sort of out-lining tool .
{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

{gecko engine} makes a hyperlinked Table of Contents

(this article tells how seamonkey and nvu can make websites easier to use
by making larger pages that let you navigate by links that jump to different places within the same page)

vim is a safe place to work

. vim (as in visual improved) is a revision of a favorite text-editing tool in the unix world .
. it automatically saves your work frequently,
and after reopening the file after a system crash,
it asks if you want to recover -- this is a vital feature on ms`windows .
. it tells you when you're double-editing a file,
and if you have problems with duplicate revisions,
it has diff tool to compare them,
but for that, winmerge is really the best openware tool on ms`windows .
{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

vim does command line editing

. in the vim text editor, you can build a string and then paste that string into vim`s command line,
and then vim will pass that command to ms`window`s command line
{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

Get Firefox!
. firefox lets you open a link as either a new window or a new tab
(for multiple pages sharing the same window)
. tabs can be saved or opened as a group; very handy .

. if you have problems, keep in mind that some sites expect you to have microsoft`internet explorer;
the only problem I've had is with the red cross`site and (the red star?)
. one way to make sure your html editors and web browser don't crash eachother,
is to use a separate program for each:
( web browser -> mozilla`firefox
, html editor -> mozilla`seamonkey
)-safe .
{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

openware file utilities

p7zip at Source Forge

openware programming language" python

computer programming 4 everybody
K12 teacher resources

{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

voip (voice over internet protocol)" cornfed for linux

. Frank W. Miller, Ph.D., developer :
*Most* of the softphones out there have two attributes:
1) they are tied to a particular service
2) they run *
best* on Windows
. The Cornfed SIP User Agent is service independent and targeted specifically at Linux.
{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }


the source code repository
. while most of my comp.sci. writings have be concerned with system design,
I do have a few algorithms that might be worthy of public display .

 Wiktionary [@]
. I have many notes that clarify dictionary definitions .

. equally exciting is the expansion of wikipedia to
"(open courseware) collaborations,
Wikibooks (open-content textbooks on various academic subjects)
Wikijunior (youth-oriented content)
Wikiversity (open learning environment and research community)
-- psy[@]
-- mth[@]
-- eng[@]
) .

the ultimate political tool: open news media:

. as far as contributing is concerned,
I never see anything newsworthy except safety violations at my [ex]worksite,
but my pulse quickened to the idea of using news editorials
for building political consensus
instead of relying bumper-car democracy that gives the greatest political weight
to either the rich who buy lobbyists or those who breed the most
which promotes underground policy and over-population
. then I saw a wikinews review of  Apple`s new mouse technology
and thought I could contribute a lot,
since I do a bit of documenting before making office machine purchases

OhMyNews International
. an English-language version of the Korea-based "open-source" news organization
invites readers to become "citizen reporters" .
. brainchild of a group of students and teachers from MIT,
 I-Neighbors offers a free and easy way for
 residents of a given community
to exchange information (and maybe even bond)
. Search by zip code to see if anybody's already created a home page for your neighborhood;
 if not, you can create your own. It takes just a few minutes to register,
and your profile can be as vague or specific as you like
. Provide an email address to be included in the directory and to receive group emails
. You can add events to the calendar, recommend cleaning ladies and handymen,
upload photos, and contact elected officials (see GovLink).

openly accessible, peer–reviewed journal on the Internet"First Monday

. solely devoted to the Internet. Since its start in May 1996,
 First Monday has published 622 papers in 110 issues;
these papers were written by 736 different authors
. First Monday is respected by many indexing abstraction services, including:
Communication Abstracts,
Computer & Communications Security Abstracts,
ISI’s Web of Knowledge,
eGranary Digital Library,

open directory" zeal
. Zeal is a community-driven directory
where enthusiasts and experts from around the world can add sites and share what they know
. Zeal is part of LookSmart,
so additions to Zeal appear on partner sites of LookSmart,
including Lycos, InfoSpace, RoadRunner, CNET, and Inktomi
. Sharing information about your favorite topics on Zeal
can have a dramatic impact on the Web community.

pictorial blog"
. a public showroom for personal pics,
upload your images and assign each an identifying tag;
these tags help other members find your stuff
. Free membership is limited to 20 megabytes uploads per month .

pictorial blog"
. The Archives section offers a detailed description of each image,
 including how it was shot (which camera, type of lens, shutter speed, etc.)
. The Snowsuit Effort has close-ups and quotes Detroit`s man on the street

time mag`s best blogs
 Top 100 list[@]`s (site: )
--. contribute to the net`s ease-of-use by providing your username and password
for info sites requiring registration .
(todo: of the form is non-working, go to the  site and use their form .

. another way I can help is by reading the news for the
Audio Wikinews project
-- . it was interesting to know that Ogg Vorbis
is the only sound file format supported by the Commons;
I wondered why Apple didn't support ogg vorbis,
and googled into this:
. yet again, Apple iPod didn't bother to implement Vorbis decode
ipod` MPEG-4 AAC  at 128kbps is intolerable,
. If encoding speed or iPod compatibility is important to you, use AAC at a higher bps.
and if  you really want CD quality in a small file size,
you'll need to use Ogg Vorbis or LAME MP3 encoding.

be a pen-pal science mentor for grades 4..9
. a nationwide education outreach program sponsored by the Museum of Science in Boston
. Children in grades four through nine are matched up with scientist pen-pals
who act as role models and mentors (1-800/729-3300) .
. separate sites listing ads for bikes, boats, baby gear, musical instruments, jobs, apartments (you name it)
 in 120 cities in 25 countries
. likewise works to connect buyers and sellers who share a zip code,
 to facilitate sales of used items that are difficult to ship

history of wikipedia
CHRIS TAYLOR`time mag. # Jun. 6, 2005/Business/It's a Wiki, Wiki World

-- Being the founder of the Internet's largest encyclopedia
means Jimmy Wales gets a lot of bizarre e-mail from concerned newcomers
who have just discovered they have total freedom to edit any Wikipedia entry
. they write:
"( Oh my God, you've got a major security flaw! )
. According to an M.I.T. study,
 an obscenity randomly inserted on Wikipedia is removed in 1.7 min., on average

Wikipedian`s collaboration improves articles over time,
 just as free open-source software does
. It's the same principle that New Yorker writer James Surowiecki asserted in his best seller
 The Wisdom of Crowds:
 large groups of people are inherently smarter than an élite few.
(unless they all have to agree on something;
or vote on something without being asked why they're voting that way;
better that they share ideas and expose them to public critique)

-- . Nupedia was another peer–reviewed journal
 and is mostly known now as the predecessor of Wikipedia
. in spite of Nupedia's use of a free content license,
 it`s extensive formal peer review
was accused of running counter to the culture and philosophy of
the free software movement. it lasted until September 2003 .

{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

free internet services

. auto.completion of command line: helps find good keywords
. history: improves search result relevance
. google scholarly: concentrating on edu work
. personalized google page: it's easy to move choices around,
has weather if you capitalize state properly, shows waiting gmail, and the usual news options;
. Site-flavored Google search:
 delivers web search results that are customized to your website . Simply fill out a profile
describing your website's content,
and when you add a site-flavored search box to your site,
 your users will get search results that are more relevant .

. securely stores your files on-line, 30 MB free
-- . you can also choose to make your yahoo files shareable with others who have a yahoo email acct
for free (there is a fee for sharing with the entire world)
. moving files on-line works the same as for the yahoo personal website:
 choose a series of individual files -- very laborious compared to angelfire`s free ftp
. upload size < 5mb (eg, you can choose only 5 of your 1mb photo's at a time, or 1 file of size 5mb)

-- . my briefcase address (
is the same as my yahoo email (
 (yahoo lets you pick the name of your flickr site)
.  if it says you don't have access, then you need to sign into your yahoo account

. another free way to store files is angelfire
--- see my angelfire website[@]
and ofcourse you can always have 7-zip
chop your compressed file set into 9mb blocks
and mail these blocks to yourself  at giga-stores like and
. gmail`s service also provides backup by forwarding your email to another site, such as yahoo,
. you can also legitimately do this by sending updates of your work to loved ones,
and then a copy will be in your gmail`sent folder .

net-based freeware search

(more of 50 Coolest Websites 2005: New ways to search the Web)
. interprets mainstream views and then compares them with the political rhetoric .

subject-organized metasearch" clusty
. see also Grokker, where Yahoo Search query results are displayed as a circular map.
-- . some say the mac grokker [@]
 is not quite ready for prime time
but, on the way to grok'ing, I found:

Meta-Search Launches Grokker E.D.U.
. has been awarded  excellence in PRODUCTIVITY, CREATIVITY, and COMMUNICATION TOOLS 2004:
Libraries and media centers will rejoice over this easy-to-use research tool,
which displays search results from a variety of databases (including the Web)
in a visual "map" that can be altered, edited, and shared with students or colleagues
. The program automatically sorts search results from disparate sources
into intuitive groups that make it easier and faster to reach specific, relevant materials.

web content -alert service
-- . there are hundreds of site reviewers in every imaginable subject area on the web, and
URLwire is the only service that personally finds and sends them
alerts of new web content based on their interests
. URLwire now has its own Google Group ( )
 You can now receive/read the URLwire Network
via  direct email, RSS feed, Blog, Google group and weekly digest.
.  users of the urlwire service
include: -- ny city`s public library -- the Scout Project has focused on developing
better tools and services for finding, filtering, and presenting online information and metadata.
Busy Educator's Guide to the Web
berit`s best sites for kids
forbes` best of web

health & consumer
. recommends the downloads, web sites and shortcuts that
  actually save time -- "( Don't live to geek; geek to live )
Spyware cleaners     Spam filters     Virus killers     Internet phones    
 File sharing     Backup utilities         Personal organizers
 Photo sharing     Disk recovery         Personal finance
Web publishing Search engines Life hacks
 All topics..[@]
childrenssoftwareRevue, a bimonthly magazine
. created by cancer nutrition specialist and epidemiologist Suzanne Dixon
. The site's mission is to review and interpret the latest research ($15 a year)
....I'm really impressed with the sum of studies from dr's sears, mercola, and atkins
concerning metabolic syndrome, and it`s role in the common diseases,
heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer  .  Alliance for Aging Research
not to be confused with
which is more into performance-enhancing supplements
requests your personal identification in exchange for access
-- the actual longevity calculator was  here [@]
. along with estimating your "(health span)
 -- mine was 92.5 --
it also tells how it came to that conclusion
. it gives you an idea of how a lifestyle variable affects longevity
because every choice you make on the questionaire
instantly changes the category score
-- . this is a robotic version of a book "Living to 100: Lessons in Living to Your Maximum Potential at Any Age,
presenting the results of the landmark New England Centenarian Study
( Harvard Medical School ) .
. BizRate's new-and-improved shopping search engine
  compare prices from the different online stores
and refine your search by price range, brand, etc .
--. when last looked  for xylitol  all the prices they mentioned were nowhere near as low as
my favorite on-line place for functional foods
. forwards your complaint letters to any business` email address;
it does not act as an advocate or mediator,
 only as a forum for taking your case public .

. id theft is still the rage as we argue about the national ID card issue
(what the fed's do that they couldn't make the states do the same thing?
you handle the data, we handle security!)
. good credit is essential for credit, and safe convenient shopping,
but even for such necessities as obtaining a secure place to put your money,
or finding a job with people who care (about their credit anyway;) .

ms`windows-based freeware

free website and ftp (ms`windows only)

  free 20mb and ftp up-loading with ad's (top-of-page n pop-up's) / Sign Up/

If you are using Windows 98, 2000 or XP,  then has a cost-free ftp service
to make it easy to load and backup the free website they offer
. you can easily drag and drop multiple files and folders
between the angelfire site and your pc -- in both directions --
by using the ms`windows` internet explorer  browser
{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

Welcome to Angelfire`s ftp

. sign-in on the site,
open ms`windows`Internet Explorer (address:
. if you forgot to sign-in, a box will pop up; type in your Angelfire username and password
(remember it's not just a handle but a subfolder too;
eg,  psy/dr.addn
 is the username for
. now you can transfer files like you normally would in ms`windows
except that angelfire is very cranky about filenames being simple
(start with alpha, others be alphanumeric)
. if you crash the ftp connection with a bad name,
try signing in again to restart it .
{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

Welcome to Angelfire

Dear Angelfire Member,
Thank you for signing up for Angelfire, the leading personal publishing service online.

  Your member name: psy/dr.addn
  Your password: <...>
  Your URL:
IMPORTANT: please confirm your Angelfire registration by logging with your member name and password.
You must do this to create a web site, blog, or photo album or to store files.

Important Links
 Lost Password Retrieval
Update your account information
Customer service

Thank you for selecting Angelfire!
The Friendly Folks at Angelfire

{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

 gmail is google`s web-based email

. to get a gmail invitation, give them your cell phone here on this page
or send a link to
with "(torrance) and your email
somewhere in the contents .
{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

version merging for windows"winmerge

. if you operate more than one computer (eg, desktop, laptop, palmtop, smartphone)
then you may have a problem with forgetting to sync before editing;
or you could be part of a team that got more than one one person
editing different versions of the same document;
in cases like these, the problem is to merge the edits,
so you want to see how they differ, and combine the differences
. winmerge makes this easy by color-coding the differences in 2 files,
and arranging them so the segments of identical and changed blocks are lined up together
. it also takes 2 folders and tells you for each file whether it's in both folders, and whether they're equal .
. it also does subfolder compares if the folder structures are identical .
{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }


(clonespy is freeware that finds duplicates by name, contents,  and can delete in various ways,
including a batch file that deletes later, with or without recycle bin backup,
and -- most conveniently -- having the options of:
(1) replacing deletions with a link to the retained file
(2)  moving the deletion to a subfolder system that retains the deletion`s full pathname!
-- this is the greatest backup too, since if you didn't like the results,
just have ms`windows paste the subfolder system of deletions back where they came from,
and things are just as they were before: exactly like the recycle bin,
only better, because you can see the subfolders easier
and search it the same way you usual explore subfolders .
this page is a collection of configurations
for doing particular jobs with clonespy)
{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }

7-Zip at Source Forge

. this does compression in several formats,
and is great for opening files from unix opensource projects
. during subfolder system paste-merging,
where name clashes would ordinarily result in deletions
7-zip`s auto-rename feature can prevents such losses
. it also chops a large compression into blocks that fit exactly on a cd-rw,
floppy, or any size you need .
. some of the menu items are not implemented yet,
and it's not as convenient as trialware"winrar
but 7-zip is solid, safe, openware, and on ms`windows it's essential  .

{ openware, freeware, v.libraries }