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overview 2006.03.04

. addx is a  virtual system like java (the vm and the language);
it is composed of  addm (the virtual Machine),
 adda (Automatica --the automation language),
and adde (the Editor -- a user interface)
. addx is optimistically pronounced addict`s
because it strives to be everything I ever wanted in any other software .
. it's still a twinkle in my eye;
the only design&coding experience I have is some pascal from college  .
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addm (ADD`Machine)

. the idea behind a virtual machine (vm)
 is to make an easier job of writing safe software for several platforms
. it is a very tiny program:
( all it does is translate your machine code
 to the host's machine code )
it simulates your favorite platform,
and runs all your favorite software
on any platform that can run  that one tiny program
.  addm will depend to a varying extent on Python's virtual machine
(depending on how much it uses the Python interpreter instead )
. addm is pronounced Adam
-- the bible's first man:
a vm is the first piece of software that needs to written
-- Adam is also the fabled  original sinner who everyone inherited sin's curse from:
a vm that is not robust and stable can cause all the other software
 to inherit that instability .
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adda (ADD`Automatica)

. why consider a new language when Python is readable yet expressive,
opensource yet commercial-friendly,
and has a very active community which includes some educators ?

. like most other programming languages,
Python strays unecessarily from syntax that most of the world
is accustomed to seeing in English, and it`s version of math;
Python is meant to bring civilized coding practices to C programmers
just as ABC was meant to civilize the programmers of it`s day (BASIC users)
. like Ada, Python has an objected oriented subsystem  (oos)
that was just bolted-on, as an afterthough;
indeed, the author reminds critics of  the oos,
that he hopes people like the additional freedom
but Python`s extensibility is meant to come principally from
the late binding of functions

. adda`s first job is to provide an intermediate language
that is easy to customize,
and easy to automatically translate between
user`variants, and future versions of the language
-- because freedom, foremost, is the American Dream

. the next priority of an artifical language should be
making a minimal impact on current conventions [1]
while at the same time replacing the language`s dogs
with an elegant system that has fewer rules for beginner to learn
1:  in math symbols are preferred over words; syntax is infix and prefix;  object orientation is transparent )
and english ( "(#) is the subscript operator, all conditionals are marked with "(?), and naming is like the internet`s )

. see the adda`lab  for updates of progress in adda`s design
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. adda uses the html approach to give us the option to describe structure the english/math way (with punctuation)
or the pythonic way (with indentation)

. the word "(adda) has also reminded me of
 complex problems solved in real-time(`Ada's specialty ):
Analog status signals ->
Digitial data ->
Digital processing ->
Analog control signals  .
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adde (ADD`Editor)

. adde lets you save desktop arrangements as if they were documents;
and, it uses this desktop-folder-file model, along with object technology,
to integrate all types of data into a single document
for example, allowing graph-based applications to connect modules together
 by drawing lines between windows .
. adde uses journaling for space-saving backups and flexible, unlimited undo.s
. adde`guide (Graphical User Integrated Developement Enviro.),
can help you visualize the system's internals,
 not only to debug a script,
but also to understand software interactions,
and fine-tune the operating system .
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